Tax Consultancy Services

30th Aug, 2021

      Services involve in this area is to advise clients in respect of personal & Corporate Tax & VAT related issues and other specific services listed below: 

  1. Playing Role in the Tax Department as Authorized Representative and explain the return of income before the Assessing Authority.
  2. To get Assessment done by the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes
  3. Preparation of Paper & Documents including grounds of Appeal in case of an Assessee aggrieved by the order passed by the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes.
  4. To attend in favor of Assessee as Authorized Representative before the Commissioner of Taxes (Appeal), Appellate Tribunal.
  5. To Communicate the Client Rules & Regulation of Value Added Tax (VAT)
  6. Assisting the client in getting approval Tax Holiday facilities from National Board of Revenue.
  7. To communicate clients Rules Regarding Advances Taxes, Tax deduction at source Double Taxation Relief.
  8. Rules & Regulation regarding Special Tax Relief Scheme for industrial set- up for example sanctioning Accelerate Depreciation and initial depreciation in lieu of Tax Holiday Facility.
  9. Tax Planning for forthcoming year in respect of Individual & Company.
  10. Processing of Tax exemption & Tax clearance certificate for foreign nationals.

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